Guidelines for Authors

JERIC, as its name indicates, is focused on educational resources. We interpret educational resources broadly as materials and/or results that are of interest to, and directly applicable by classroom instructors and curriculum designers. As this is an archival journal, the papers should be of long-term interest, and as far as practical, independent of specific products and technology. Reviewers evaluate manuscripts according to the following criteria. These criteria relate to the appropriateness of the paper to the journal, the significance of its content, and the quality of the presentation. Manuscripts are expected to:

  1. have content that can be directly applied by classroom instructors or curriculum designers;
  2. appeal to a broad audience interested in computing education;
  3. address significant problem(s) of lasting value;
  4. build upon (and cite) relevant references;
  5. adequately evaluate any teaching intervention (e.g. tool, visualization, instructional method) in terms of its impact on learning in actual use
  6. use appropriate methodology, both for the teaching intervention and its evaluation;
  7. provide sufficient detail to replicate and evaluate;
  8. be clearly and carefully written; and
  9. adhere to accepted standards of style, usage, and composition.

Each submitted paper is initially reviewed by one of the editors-in-chief, who makes an initial evaluation as to the suitability of the paper for this journal. If the paper fits the scope of the journal, the editor assigns the manuscript to at least three reviewers and notifies the author of its status. The editor's decision-to accept the paper, to ask for minor revisions, to ask for major revisions, or reject-is based on these reviews.

Submissions should follow the online guidelines for Electronically Submitting Articles to ACM Journals. All manuscripts and revisions are to be submitted electronically using ACM's Manuscript Central interface.

Papers are subject to ACM copyright policy ( If a paper is accepted, each author will be asked to sign an ACM copyright form, either transferring copyright to ACM or declaring that the paper is part of government work. Copyright transfer forms may be obtained online at: or from

No paper submitted to JERIC may be under review elsewhere. A paper that is based on previously-published work (a conference or workshop paper, e.g.) is expected to contain at least 30% new material, and the original paper should be cited as a footnote to the paper title. All papers are subject to the ACM policy on plagiarism.

It is expected that authors who have their papers published in JERIC will contribute to the futher development of by serving as reviewers of manuscripts within their area(s) of expertise.